River Sawdde - maps and useful info

Entrance to the gorge

UK Rivers. This guide shows only the lower section but seems to split it into two parts.
Canoe Wales guide. This guide shows both the lower and the upper section
River Levels
We could not find the gauge at the get-out (by bridge) but there is a weir further down that can be seen from the road. There are 4 gauges ( that I could see). When we looked at the river it was HIGH but the lower gauge was only on 5. The water was brown, running fast and most other rivers had burst thier banks. There could have been another gauge underwater which might be the one that UK rivers talks about.

At high levels the river can be inspected from the road and a footpath. You can check for trees for the whole river. Useful as eddies were small at high levels.

There was a pipe and wire across the river just after the get out. At the level we saw these would be very dangerous. Make sure u spot/mark the get out as missing it would be bad.
GPS info for sat-navs
Take out - 51.917922, -3.870946
Put in - 51.899177, -3.807215

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