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Spean (Monessie)

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Midde Spean

If you are going to do this section you might as well start on the Lower Roy.

Spean Gorge

Cauldron in the Spean gorge

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Spean gorge map
River Levels
Sepa info for Spean
0.7 on sepa gorge is minimum

There is a gauge at Spean bridge - this info is taken from Chris Dicksons website
Below “0″ judge flow by looking at rock shelf across river upstream of bridge. More than 3 places with water coming through means plenty olf water for a gorge run. Just three or only two then gorge is very low. Headbanger at this level is dangerous.

“0″ to “2″ gorge poses some issues, as Fairy Steps becomes more pushy, Headbanger begins to get safer, Witches cauldron can be powerful and Constriction can be a no go (portage RHS)

“2″ to “3.5″ the river is playful on the run in, Fairy Steps is easy and Headbanger is gone. Run through from there is powerful and a waterfall opens up the RHS of Constrictioon making for a safer line.

3.5 and above the river is a swirling ride with one very big rapid at Constriction, which by now can be run on left at Grade 4 - 4+.
Upper level, take your pick but be ready for a long chase in event of a swim.

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