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River Nyfer, maps, river levels, guides and info

UK rivers
Canoe Wales
Note that these guides only discribe the lower grade 2/3 section. You will have to buy the Welsh rivers guide for the higher section.
River levels
There are no good indicators on the normal sites for this river. It needs a medium amount of water to run. If you can float at the put in the river is good.
BBC weather for Fishguard

River Exe - maps, river levels and useful info

Bolham weir to bickleigh
Bickleigh to Exeter
exe - bolham wier to bickleigh 1
exe - pynes wier to Haven Bank Quay
River Levels
EA river levels

River Lyn, maps, river levels and info

East Lyn - Malmsmead to Brendon (3/3+)
East Lyn - Brendon to Watersmeet (4 with one 5)
Watersmeet to Sea (4/5)

River Levels

kayaking on East Lyn

East Lyn at 1.47 (scrape)

Lyn - Watersmeet to Sea
Lyn - Brendon to Watersmeet

Bridge webcam

East lyn 50000 scale
East lyn -brendon to watersmeet
East lyn -brendon to watersmeet

GPS co-ords for sat-navs
Malmsmead bridge - 51.215896,-3.731201
Malmsmead - possible parking 51.225022,-3.798943
Brendon get on - 51.220453, -3.763225
Watersmeet bridge - 51.225022, -3.798943

River Irfon, maps, river levels and useful info


UK rivers guidebook to Irfon
Canoe Wales guide

River levels

Rain Chasers river levels
EA river levels. Less than 1m is a bit of a scrape and 1.5 is high.

There is a pipe on a footbridge near Llanwrtyd Wells and the river can be run from anywhere 1.5 m below this pipe. If the water is level with the pipe the water is very high. The pipes can be found at GR 867473.

You can also get a idea of what the river levels are like at a washpool above LLanwytyd Wells GR 859499. If the water is flowing over a pipe the water levels are high.


irfon - geton
irfon - upper section
irfon - lower

GPS co-ords for sat navs

Llanwrtyd get out 52.107197, -3.638824
Pipes river level indicator 52.111935, -3.655316
Washing pool 52.136254, -3.668321
Abergwesyn get out (upper) 52.158809, -3.677375
Upper get on 52.179642, -3.693770

River Lune - kayaking maps, river levels and useful info

Strid at low water - this can become a hard rapids as the river levels rise.

Stangerthwaite weir - has an extremly strong two back!


UK River guidebook


Lune - first half
lune - second half

River Levels

EA river levels - Calibrations are roughly - Low: 0.40m, Medium: 0.60m, High 1.00m.At 0.50 the first km is a bit of a scrape the the rest of the river is fine.


River Kent - kayaking maps, info and water levels

River Kent - final rapid


UK Rivers Guidebook



Water Levels

EA river levels Calibrations are roughly - Low: 0.30m, Medium: 0.60m, High 0.90m.

Lake District Kayaking Trip - an overview

Map to the Lake District

kayaking in the Lake District

Ruff idea of where all the rivers I want to paddle are

Possible Rivers

River Name Grade Stars Water Levels
Irthing 3 3 star Med
Clough 4 3 Med
Lune 3 3 Low
Rawthey 3(4) 3 Med
Greta 3 3 Med
Langstrath Beck 4 3 Med
Kent 4 3 Low
Leven 3 (4,5) 3 Low
Sprint 4 3 Med
Torver Beck 4 2 High
Great Langdale Beck 3(4-) 3 High
Yewdale Beck 3(4) 2 High
Duddon (two sections) 3(4-) 3 Med

So by looking a the map I have decided to come up with a plan depending on the river levels. The River Irthing has been removed as it is too far away from other river.

Low water plan

kayak on river leven

River Leven

Kent (Kendal to Park Head) - Pool drops and a gorge section. A good river for your first grade 4, runs at low to med levels

Leven - This river runs nearly all year round and is a popuar short run.

Lune (Crook to Rawthey confluence) - this is discribed continuous grade 3 with a couple of harder falls. Great river that should not be missed.

Med water plan

kayaking on duddon

River Duddon

Clough - an underated section of interesting paddling, Great section with bedrock drops and a gorge section.

Rawthey - A classic pool drop river. Sustained grade 3 with some harder drops.

Greta - Classic grade 3 run

Sprint - classic pool drop but rapids are hard to inspect and hard to portage.

Duddon (middle and lower) - a classic run

Langstrath Beck (med to high water) - beautiful pool drop high in open fell. No access issues but a long walk in

High Water plan

kayaking white water

Trover Beck

Torver Beck - Spate pool drop

Great Langdale Beck - slower start with a great finish

Yewdale Beck - a good intro beck but does have lots of fences

River Greta, maps and useful info


River Greta- map


Rainchasers River Levels

River Levels

UK rivers guide book

River Tawe - maps and information

Small drop on Upper Tawe


upper tawe kayaking map Grade 5
middle tawe kayaking map Grade 4
lower tawe kayaking map Grade 2/3

Guides and info

Upper Tawe
Middle Section
Lower Tawe
Canoe Wales guide to lower Tawe
Canoe Wales guide to upper Tawe

River Levels

Rainchasers River Levels
EA river levels. UK rivers suggested 1.20m for a perfect moorland section.

River Walkham and Tavy - maps, river levels and useful info

Combining these two rivers can provide an excellent grade 3 alternative to the Dart loop
Maps to the river
OS map to walkham and lower tavy
Grade 3
River levels
River levels at Tavy egress
River levels for upper Tavy
Walkham levels
River guides
UK rivers guidebook - Upper Tavy
UK rivers guidebook - lower Tavy
UK rivers guidebook - lower Walkham