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River Nyfer, maps, river levels, guides and info

UK rivers
Canoe Wales
Note that these guides only discribe the lower grade 2/3 section. You will have to buy the Welsh rivers guide for the higher section.
River levels
There are no good indicators on the normal sites for this river. It needs a medium amount of water to run. If you can float at the put in the river is good.
BBC weather for Fishguard

River Irfon, maps, river levels and useful info


UK rivers guidebook to Irfon
Canoe Wales guide

River levels

Rain Chasers river levels
EA river levels. Less than 1m is a bit of a scrape and 1.5 is high.

There is a pipe on a footbridge near Llanwrtyd Wells and the river can be run from anywhere 1.5 m below this pipe. If the water is level with the pipe the water is very high. The pipes can be found at GR 867473.

You can also get a idea of what the river levels are like at a washpool above LLanwytyd Wells GR 859499. If the water is flowing over a pipe the water levels are high.


irfon - geton
irfon - upper section
irfon - lower

GPS co-ords for sat navs

Llanwrtyd get out 52.107197, -3.638824
Pipes river level indicator 52.111935, -3.655316
Washing pool 52.136254, -3.668321
Abergwesyn get out (upper) 52.158809, -3.677375
Upper get on 52.179642, -3.693770

River Lune - kayaking maps, river levels and useful info

Strid at low water - this can become a hard rapids as the river levels rise.

Stangerthwaite weir - has an extremly strong two back!


UK River guidebook


Lune - first half
lune - second half

River Levels

EA river levels - Calibrations are roughly - Low: 0.40m, Medium: 0.60m, High 1.00m.At 0.50 the first km is a bit of a scrape the the rest of the river is fine.


River Kent - kayaking maps, info and water levels

River Kent - final rapid


UK Rivers Guidebook



Water Levels

EA river levels Calibrations are roughly - Low: 0.30m, Medium: 0.60m, High 0.90m.

Lake District Kayaking Trip - an overview

Map to the Lake District

kayaking in the Lake District

Ruff idea of where all the rivers I want to paddle are

Possible Rivers

River Name Grade Stars Water Levels
Irthing 3 3 star Med
Clough 4 3 Med
Lune 3 3 Low
Rawthey 3(4) 3 Med
Greta 3 3 Med
Langstrath Beck 4 3 Med
Kent 4 3 Low
Leven 3 (4,5) 3 Low
Sprint 4 3 Med
Torver Beck 4 2 High
Great Langdale Beck 3(4-) 3 High
Yewdale Beck 3(4) 2 High
Duddon (two sections) 3(4-) 3 Med

So by looking a the map I have decided to come up with a plan depending on the river levels. The River Irthing has been removed as it is too far away from other river.

Low water plan

kayak on river leven

River Leven

Kent (Kendal to Park Head) - Pool drops and a gorge section. A good river for your first grade 4, runs at low to med levels

Leven - This river runs nearly all year round and is a popuar short run.

Lune (Crook to Rawthey confluence) - this is discribed continuous grade 3 with a couple of harder falls. Great river that should not be missed.

Med water plan

kayaking on duddon

River Duddon

Clough - an underated section of interesting paddling, Great section with bedrock drops and a gorge section.

Rawthey - A classic pool drop river. Sustained grade 3 with some harder drops.

Greta - Classic grade 3 run

Sprint - classic pool drop but rapids are hard to inspect and hard to portage.

Duddon (middle and lower) - a classic run

Langstrath Beck (med to high water) - beautiful pool drop high in open fell. No access issues but a long walk in

High Water plan

kayaking white water

Trover Beck

Torver Beck - Spate pool drop

Great Langdale Beck - slower start with a great finish

Yewdale Beck - a good intro beck but does have lots of fences

River Tawe - maps and information

Small drop on Upper Tawe


upper tawe kayaking map Grade 5
middle tawe kayaking map Grade 4
lower tawe kayaking map Grade 2/3

Guides and info

Upper Tawe
Middle Section
Lower Tawe
Canoe Wales guide to lower Tawe
Canoe Wales guide to upper Tawe

River Levels

Rainchasers River Levels
EA river levels. UK rivers suggested 1.20m for a perfect moorland section.

River Teifi - maps and useful info

kayaking Teifi

Henllan Falls in high water (grade 3+)

Links, maps and info

Wikipedia to Teifi
GPS for Maesycrugiau Put In W4 13 46 N52 2 55
GPS for Take Out W4 27 34 N52 2 25
Car parks -
1) At Llandysul on campsite opposite Club House. 2) At Pentrecwrt on road bridge. 3) At Newcastle Emlyn rugby field’s car park, 500m upstream of the road bridge on river right. 4) At Cenarth Fall’s car park below the bridge on the right hand bank.

You can inspect this rapid on the right. The can be a large stopper on the left at high water.

Teifi maesycrugiau to Llandysul
Teifi llandysul to Newcastle Emlyn
Teifi- newcastle Emlyn to Cenarth Falls
Guide to the river
UK Rivers guidebook to Afon Teifi - Llandysul to Cenarth Falls
Canoe Wales guide to river and maps
River Levels
Rainchasers river levels
Environment Agency at Llandysul

Kayaking the White Nile in Uganda

The last two weeks have been amazing, I have been lucky enough to spend my time kayaking on the Nile and receiving coaching from one of the best freestyle kayaking coaches the UK has to offer. This has been simply the best kayaking trip I have ever been on, each day I experienced the amazing kayaking in one the worlds best kayaking destinations. This trip has been a real adventure for me as not only is the Nile the biggest river I have ever been on (not surprising as its the worlds longest river) but is was also my first time in Africa.

Nile kayaking

Heading down the first drop of Bubugo rapids (grade 4)

During my time I learnt many new skills, including my first ever Blunt (a freestyle kayaking move), and I thought the best way to share my experience would be to offer 10 simple tips for people who are planning on going to one the best freestyle and high volume rivers the world has to offer.

10 tips for kayaking and surviving the Nile

These tips are just from my experience, it is not an exhaustive list as it is missing many basic tips such as getting insurance, visas and not forgetting your passport but I hope some of these tips will help your trip go as smoothly as ours did.

1. Know when to haggle and when not to

high volume rapids on the river Nile

High volume rapids - Kulu Shaker (grade 4)

When heading to developing countries you will have to haggle to get the best prices for most goods and services. We had to haggle to taxis and gifts but there is one thing you should not haggle on price about - guiding for the river. The River Nile is very different from most other rivers - it is impossible to inspect rapids and as the rapids are often made when the river splits into channels, without a guide you could find yourself running the a grade 6 when you only wanted a grade 4. Also choosing the correct line at the top of the rapid is crucial, having a guide is the only way to stay safe on this river. We used Kayak the Nile and I can honestly say they offered the best coaching I have ever had. I have been on many kayaking courses in my time and this company blew all the others out of the water (no pun intended).
Sam Ward coaching on the Nile

Sam coaching on a small wave called the Kartwheel Hole

Our coach was Sam Ward who is the current GB freestyle coach, not only his he a leading freestyle kayaker and coach but he also was extremely good at teaching us all the skills needed for the high volume rapids the Nile. Kayak the Nile looked after us right from the start of the trip by giving advice on who the book flights with, picking us up from the airport, sorting out packed lunches during the day, taking us out for local evening meals and general advice during our stay. Sam spent each day with us on the river, came out for evening meals then gave video feedback too, somehow he then managed to find time to write a individual feedback report for us which outlined everything we had been taught that day and any coaching points to work on in the future.

There may be other companies out there but they don’t offer the standard of coaching, equipment or safety the Kayak the Nile can offer.

2. Use a disinfectant

Cuts can easily get infected when you are constantly in and out of untreated water and we therefore need to look after any small cuts. The Nile is no worse than any UK river but it will have germs in it that we are not used too. After each day make sure that you used a good disinfectant on all your cuts and try and keep them clean during the day as well. We did not have any problems when we where out there but did see one kayaker that hand a infected hand that meant he could not paddle for a week or so.

3. Buy a good suncream

Itanda rapids

Running the bottom half of Itanda rapids (grade 5)

Uganda is hot, you will sweat and will constantly be plugging through waves, rolling and generally getting wet so you will need a good suncream to cope with this. There are many out there on offer but we found the kids active water proof types to work best. Put the suncream on well before you go kayaking and this will give the suncream a chance to soak into your skin before hitting the big water.

4. Shower after the Nile

A simple tip for minimising the chance of getting ill. As soon as you get back from your day kayaking, make sure you have a quick shower to get any of the Nile water off your body. The chances of getting ill are quite small but this is good advice whether you are kayaking in Africa or the U.K.

5. Prepare your kayak for air transport

Make sure everything is tied in, spray deck clipped in and a run a strap from the front grab loop to the rear grab loop

As we where heading out to Uganda we where on the plane and watched as our kayaks being loaded. The poor baggage handlers had no idea of how to pick up a kayak and ended up grabbing the spray deck to lift up the kayaks. Not surprisingly, my deck got pulled off during the journey but luckily I had clipped it into the grab loop at the front of the kayak as well as tying everything in place such as air bags and footrest. On the way back to the U.K we prepared out kayaks a little better for the journey. Firstly make sure that the air bags are left open so the air inside can contract and expand with the changes in heat the pressure, tie everything in place, place a spray deck on the kayak and clip this in too, use duct tape the seal the hole in the spray deck. The final thing to do is to use a roof rack strap and tie this from the front grab loop to the rear grab loop. This will give the baggage handlers something to grab hold of and also make it easy for you to carry the kayaks around the airport.

6. Support a local project

Everyone we met in Uganda was lovely, the Ugandan people and friendly and genuinely want you to have a great time and this will endear them in your heart. You may be tempted to give some of the locals some money when you leave and although this seems like a good thing to do it may not be the best use advice. For example, giving money to a local child will help that child out but giving this could encourage them not to go to school as they could earn much more money buy begging for money. A far better way to help the local community would be to help with local projects such as Soft Power Education. This help support local schools in the area, you can even volunteer to help out with these projects during your stay.

7. There is splash proof, water proof and there is Nile proof

Our group started the trip with two waterproof cameras and by the third day both of these had filled in water. My camera has survived every other river trip this year in the front of my buoyancy aid but it only lasted a couple of days on the Nile. If you are planning on taking a waterproof camera, make sure that it also goes in the drybag.

8. Make sure you are fully vaccinated

Obvious advice really, speak to your local GP before you head out. We needed our first set of jabs 3 months before we headed out. There are some vaccinations that are required before you enter into the country and if you don’t have the proof you have had then they will force you to get a vaccination on arrival.

9. Immerse yourself in the local culture

Giving the locals a good time and a well earned break

When we arrived at the put-ins for each day we are confronted by all the local village children wanting to earn a bit of money for there family. You will have to be careful with this, we did allow the locals to carry our boats for us in return for 500 shillings (around 20p). It was felt that this was a fair price and the children where more than happy with this. We also allowed our willing helpers a quick play in our kayaks.
chapti lessons

Having Chapti cooking lessons

Have a Chapti cooking lesson. This only cost a pound and was great fun. Buying local produce and services is a great way to help the locals.

sign about sex in africa

There is a strong belief that morning sex makes you lazy! Not a problem because its far too hot for that type of activity.

The locals believe that morning sex makes you lazy, its too hot for this anyway - save your energy for the river.

10. Have some professional photos done.

This is best the advice I can give, we paid for a professional to kayak down the river and take some photos of us as we went. This was organised by our guide from Kayak the Nile and it was the best money we spent on the trip. There is no way we could have ever managed to get the quality photos that our photographer took of us.

Maps to the Tryweryn and Dee

River Tyrwerny

I have made these maps as part of a kayaking trip to North Wales. I hope others will find them useful.


River Dee - upper and classic

River Info

More info for the Upper Dee from UK Rivers Guidebook.

Serpents Tail - River Dee

More info for the Classic Dee from the UK River Guidebook.
More info for the Tyrweryn from the UK Rivers Guidebook.
More info for the lower Tyrweryn from UK River Guidebook

River Levels

River Levels for the Dee
River levels for theTyweryn

River Dart, Walkham and Tavy - maps, levels, photos and report 2013

Walkham and Tavy

Lower Walkham

Combining these two rivers can provide an excellent grade 3 alternative to the Dart loop

Access the the river

OS map to walkham and lower tavy


Grade 3

River levels

River levels at Tavy egress
River levels for upper Tavy
Walkham levels

More details

UK rivers guidebook - Upper Tavy
UK rivers guidebook - lower Tavy
UK rivers guidebook - lower Walkham

River Dart

Euthanasia Rapid River Dart

Final wier on river Dart


Grade 2/3

River levels

The river levels can be looked at via this webcam and the levels are displayed on the rainchasers website

Access to the river

The Dart Fisheries Association and the BCU have an agreement permitting access to the river from Newbridge from 1st October to 15th March, and from Dartmeet from 15th October to 15th March.

Access ans egress points for the River Dart. - click for a larger image

More details

Full details can be found on UK rivers guidebook

Trip Report

We stayed at a basic bunkhouse near Tavistock (at Poundsgate SX 706 722, TQ13 7NY). This was a perfect club venue as it was cheap, warm and had a pub near by!

The water levels were very low, they where shown to be a scrape on the rain chasers website. This proved to be the case but we still paddled the upper Dart and the Dart loop on the first day and the loop again on the second. The start and finish of the upper was a bit too rocky, the bottom of my boat has the scratches to show this but the middle section was amazing. This is called the ‘Mad Mile’ in the guide book and the ‘Euthanasia’ rapid was still runable. If you wanted to run Pandoras Box rapid, I would wait for higher levels - it would have been too rocky to be safe.

River dart - triple drop

Triple Drop on River Dart

The Dart loop was also run although this was only at ‘low levels’ on the rainchasers website. All the rapids could be run at this level and due to the low levels it was possible to inspect all the rapids from the boat. This did require some careful eddie hoping but it could be done.