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Eridge Green bouldering guide

Eridge offers some good bouldering in the harder grades and an escape from the crowds. This crag is popular with boulderers but does not see that many people using ropes as the grades are hard, top outs dirty and the set ups more tricky than the other cliffs.

Font grades are used in this guide but if you are unsure about these they are about the same as UK up to 6a.

  • Black lines = 6b or above
  • Red lines = 6a
  • Orange lines = 5c
  • Yellow lines = 5b
  • Green lines = 5a or below

Bouldering can be dangerous and ropes may be required for some of the problems! I fully endorse the British Mountaineering Council's participation statement.....

"The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions."

Paris Cave Area

Hard rock climbing boulder
  1. Flake Crack. 3a
  2. Cracking up. 5c
  3. Sansara. 7a
  4. Bivouac Chimney. Only a 1a but many will find this a lot harder. 1a

Overhanging rock climbing
  1. Geronimo. 4b
  2. Geronimo Right. 4c
  3. Parisian Affair. There is a left hand version that starts on the large holds at the back of the cave and finishes direct (7a+) 6a+
  4. The right hand end of the cave from a standing start. 6a

Rock climbing boulder

South East climbing

Classic rock climbing
  1. Velcro Wall. Straight up the middle of the wall. 7b+
  2. Krafty Undercutz. A sit start and move across to the arete. 6c+
  3. Velcro Arete. 6c

Rock clmbing on Sandstone
  1. 6a

Climbing in the South East of England
  1. Turning the Leaf. A start start on the right that finishes on the left arete. 7b
  2. 6b
  3. Jack Strong. 7b+
  4. The Leaf. The left end arete. 6b+

Kent sandstone climbing
  1. 5c
  2. 6b
  3. Indian Traverse. 7a
  4. Azazel. 7a
  5. The Read Line. 7c
  6. 6a

Sussex climbing guide
  1. 6a

Rock climbing courses
  1. 6b
  2. 6b

Midrange climbing guide
  1. 5b
  2. 5b
  3. 6a

sandstone bouldering guide

Eridge green climbing

Eridge Green rock climbing
  1. Optical Racer. 5b
  2. Barbican Buttress. 4b
  3. Steamroller. 5a
  4. Aero. 5b
  5. Portcullis. 4c

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