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High Rocks Bouldering Guide

High rocks is one of the best bouldering areas in the South East of England. There are many 'true boulders' which you can top out on along with some good problems on the main faces. High Rocks suffers from drainage and can remain wet for a long time. Some of the boulders, such as the Brenva boulder will some into condition before the rest of the crag.

Font grades are used in this guide but if you are unsure about these they are about the same as UK up to 6a.

  • Black lines = 6b or above
  • Red lines = 6a
  • Orange lines = 5c
  • Yellow lines = 5b
  • Green lines = 5a or below

Bouldering can be dangerous and ropes may be required for some of the problems! I fully endorse the British Mountaineering Council's participation statement.....

"The BMC recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions."

Slab Boulder

kent rocks

More eliminate problems here than you can shake a stick at. You will have more fun here making up your own problems, the possibilities are endless.

  1. Start on the right side and make your way to the left. 5c
  2. Start on the left arete but then move right and up. 6a
  3. From the left side climb until you reach 4 and continue up this 5b
  4. Climb the pockets and crack in the middle of the boulder. 5b
  5. Sit start on small holds and work your way right with heel hooks. 6c
  6. Small holds and long reaches. 7a
  7. A sit start to the next problem. 7b
  8. A highball problem up the right arete. 5c

Isolated Boulder

Climbing topo
  1. Tool Wall. 6a
  2. Fork. 5c
  3. Toothpick. 6a
  4. Knife. 5c
  5. Dinner Plate. Harder if you dont use the big pocket. 6a

rock climbing
  1. Early Breakfast. 6b
  2. Simian Crack. 6a
  3. 6a
  4. Simian face direct. Climb this from a low start. 7a
  5. A right hand version of the previous route. 6c
  6. A sit start to Simian Progress. 6b

South East climbing course
  1. Climb the ramp. There are also some harder problems on the right. 4c
  2. Simian Mistake Direct. 6b+
  3. Over Ready Freddy Direct. Crimps and a massive reach. 7a+

Alcove Area

South East climbing

This hidden area is a good warm up spot. It is behind Honeycomb not to far from the Slab boulder.

  1. Climb anywhere on this slab at this grade. 4c
  2. Another slab climb at a easy grade. 4c
  3. Start in the small corner and make awkward moves up to the bridge. 5b
  4. More easy climbing up the arete. 4b

South East climbing
  1. Easy climbing up a arete. 4b.
  2. Move slab climbing 4c.
  3. Climb the right side of the slab. 4c.
  4. Climb the vague arete and finish out left. 5b.
  5. Arete with a right finish. 5b.

Wish Wall

South East climbing
  1. Wish full thinking - Crimps lead to a good hold. 6b+ (static)

Bowling Green Boulders

South East climbing
  1. Emile. 5a
  2. Zola. 5a
  3. Gauguin. 5b
  4. Maze Crack 2a
  5. Camille 4a
  6. Alfred 3a
  7. Corot 3a
  8. Maze Chimney 2b

South East climbing
  1. Elephant. 6a
  2. Oak tree Corner 7a

South East climbing
  1. Chez's Arete 6c+

Nemisis Area

South East climbing


  1. Climb the arete with wild moves. 6b+
South East climbing


South East climbing
  1. Obi-Wan-Kenobi. 5b
  2. Yoda. 7b

South East climbing
  1. Crypt Crack. 4a
  2. Look Sharp. 6c
  3. Short Chimney. 2a

Porgs Progress

South East climbing
  1. Continuing Adventures of Porg. 7b+
  2. Porgs Progress. 7b
  3. Dirty Dick. 5a

Slant Eyes

rock climbing topo
  1. Henry the Ninth. 5b
  2. The overhanging blunt nose. 6b+
  3. The crack. 5b
  4. 6a
  5. Conchita. 6a
  6. 6a
  7. 5c
  8. 5c

rock climbing topo
  1. 5c
  2. 5c
  3. 5c
  4. Slant Eyes. 5c


South East climbing
  1. A chalked line of overhanging holds, finish on the break. 7a


South East climbing
  1. The Kop. Standing start on large spaced holds. 6b
  2. Krankekopf Crack. Classic crack climb. 5b
  3. Spanked. Climb the bulging arete. 6c

Salad Days

Kent bouldering course
  1. Salad Days. Climb the left arete. 6c
  2. Dogtown. 7c
  3. Pet Cemetery. 7b
  4. The Real Slim Shady. 7a

sussex climbing
  1. The Real Slim Shady. 7a
  2. Use pockets to reach the break. 6a+
  3. The chipped holds. 6a
  4. Atomic Mushroom. 7a+
  5. Climb the overhang. 6a+


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