Peak District climbing courses

Peak District Climbing Courses

With breathtaking moor land and unspoilt landscapes the Peak District is unsurprisingly the most visited National Park in the World after Japan's Mount Fuji. The Peaks is famous for gritstone climbing which is arguably the finest type of rock for climbing in the world. The rock is rarely more than 15m high but that 15m offers some of the best climbing you will ever experience. The Peak District climbing has everything from slabs and overhangs to cracks and steep face climbing. The bouldering here is, in my opinion, the best in the U.K.

The Peak District is a perfect place for a rock climbing course.

Dates and Prices

All dates can be found on the booking page, the price for each course can be found at the bottom of this page if it is not stated within the text.

Explore Rock Climbing Course

Climbing courses Peak District

A fun-packed and exhilarating climbing day for groups wanting to try climbing with their friends and family. Climb some fantastic routes and experience the joy of climbing and the genuine reward of reaching the top of a climb. This type of course is perfect for a group of people wanting to try something exciting and different with a high emphasis on fun, safety and enjoyment.
Maximum group size 8

Rock Climbing Introduction and Seconding Course

Peak District rock climbing course

A comprehensive climbing course suitable for beginners wanting to take their first steps in becoming a proficient and competent rock climber. You can learn climbing skills such as belaying, knots and rope-work, placing protection, building belay stances, climbing calls and communication, movement on rock and descending skills.
Maximum group size 4

Lead Rock Climbing Course

Man climbing a rock in the Peak District

The Peak District is one of the best places to learn to lead climb. Lead climbing can be an exhilarating experience and for some a little bit scary. You will be made at ease as an instructor will be next to you during the whole climb keeping you safe. This course will teach you how to remain safe and have an enjoyable time on the cliffs and crags of the
U. K. After a quick recap of basic climbing skills you can progress into lead climbing. This course will cover skills like placing protection en route, various ways of building belay stances, abseiling and safe decent's.

Lead Climbing is suitable for all levels of climber although the length of the course will depend on your previous experience.
Maximum group size 3

Advanced Climbing Rope-Work Course

Learning the advanced rope work skills needed to climb faster and safer can help you avoid ever getting into tricky situations. Yet having the knowledge that you can perform rescues and are able to get yourself and your partner out of danger, can put your and your partner's mind at ease. If you have been climbing for a while and want to learn the next level, this course is the course for you, including skills such as double rope technique, hard climbing tactics, performing rescues and efficient climbing.
Maximum group size 2

Personal guiding

Peak District rock climbing course

Being guided up a rock face is a great way to experience rock climbing, this course will ensure maximum time spent actually climbing routes. You will receive one to one tuition allowing you to enjoy the rock climbing experience in the safe hands of a Mountaineering Instructor. Personal guiding also offers complete flexibility, if you would like to climb on a particular cliff or a specific route, this very individualised day will be able match your needs.

Personal guiding rate

£180 per day.

Maximum group size 1


Number of people 2 day adventure program per person 3 day adventure program per person 4 day adventure program per person 5 day adventure program per person
2 £170 £225 £300 £400
3 £130 £200 £275 £350
4 £110 £175 £250 £325
5 £100 £150 £225 £300
6+ £90 £125 £200 £275

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