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Scrambling Courses

All scrambling courses are run in Snowdonia as this area of North Wales has some of the best scrambling in Britain. Scrambling is the link between walking and climbing, sometimes you will be walking and other times you will have to climb a short distance. Scrambling is a great way to experience the joy, peacefulness, exposure and thrill of the mountains.

Dates and Prices

All dates can be found on the booking page, the price for each course can be found at the bottom of this page if it is not stated within the text.

Introduction to Scrambling

Scrambling courses

This type of scrambling course allows you to climb many classic scrambles under the instruction of an Mountain Instructor. If there is a route that you have always wanted to experience, I can safely guide you to the summit using a variety of ropework skills and judgement. North Wales has many amazing scrambling routes to choose from, I can help you pick some of the best routes in the area and teach you many skills along the way.

No previous experience is needed, just a good pair of walking boots and an aspiration to reach the top.
Max group size 3

Advanced Scrambling

Scrambling course in the Lakes

If you want to learn how to tackle some of the harder scrambles, this is the course for you. I will teach you the skills needed to tackle some of the harder scrambles on your own. All aspects of Scrambling and Mountaineering will be covered including, rope-work, route finding, placing protection, belaying and movement skills.

Some rock climbing or scrambling experience is useful but not required. If you have no rock climbing experience, a three to five day course would be more suitable.
Max group size 3

Personal guiding

Scrambling course in North Wales

Being guided up a scramble is a great way to experience and learn the skills needed for scrambling, this course will ensure maximum time spent actually on the rock. You will receive one to one tuition allowing you to enjoy the scrambling experience in the safe hands of a Mountaineering Instructor. Personal guiding also offers complete flexibility, if you would like to a specific route on in a certain area of North Wales, this very individualised day will be able match your needs.

Personal guiding rate

£180 per day.

Maximum group size 1

Pick and Mix

If the idea of only experiencing the mountain in via one activity (such as only climbing) does not appeal to you, why not try a Pic and Mix course? This program allows you to choose which activities you would like and also choose how much time is spent on each one.

You can choose from scrambling, rock climbing and hill walking in any combination, but I would recommend spending a minimum of half a day on each one

Cantilever Snowdon Gogarth Tryfan Back Cloggy

Activity Vouchers

Why not buy a Mountain-Trips day (or days) as a distinctive gift. These vouchers can cover any number of courses in any of the areas in which I work, simply choose whether you would like a one day or two day course and contact me to discuss your requirements. I will able to send you a voucher by post or even email it if you are short on time.

The price will depend on the length and type course you require, please see the table below or my personal guiding rates (above).

Man on scrambling course


Number of people 2 day course per person 3 day course per person 4 day course per person 5 day course per person
2 £180 £230 £310 £410
3 £140 £200 £275 £350

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